At Zilker

Batman and Robin.


First steps at Zilker Park. I mean, not his first steps (that would be cool), but first at Zilker.

Yeah? So?

I'm a bad man.

On the Zephyr….

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

Very impressed with his beard.

Ready for the OK Corrall.

I thought the bandolier was a nice touch.

Another close-up.

My pants are too tight!

Damn you, Pancho Villa! Damn you!


Acting the part.

Move along. Nothin’ to see here, pilgrim.

Learning the art of giving away candy.

And eating candy, as well.

The younger boy's haircut

Time for my semi-annual blog, now that the boys are back in school.

Hair's gettin' a bit long.


One last good look at that hair.

Can't have a blog post without the older boy.

At Snip-Its in Southpark Meadows. We no longer have to travel to Leander for a kid-centered haircut place....

"Uh, guys. This bib is too big."

"Seriously guys, what the shit is this?"

"It's cool. It's cool."

"No, not cool. Not cool."

"Happy place. I'm in my happy place."

Mom is actually holding his head still. But it looks pretty Homer-esque from here.

As close as we got to tears. A little better than big brother does ...

"Yay! And now back out into the 112-degree heat!"