Unposted photos: Jan-March

In a few weeks or so I'm going to post a several-installment blog about the history of Texas beer. It will be long and nobody will care except for Bullworker.

But I realized I couldn't revive my blog without posting the photos I should have posted throughout the year.

Here are the best photos from January through March.

A. Some have already been on Facebook.

B. Bonk (aka "Ghostman") doesn't make much of an appearance yet. But he has a bunch of really good photos from later in the year. So hang on.

Sidewalk vs. Forehead.

Bonk is out of here.

With Grandma

Showing off the PJs that Aunt Julie got him for Christmas.

East Texas.

First bit of solid food ….

Preparing that first solid food diaper for Dad.

Seems like a long time ago.

Smooth criminal.

Playing in the dirt.